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The role of our company extends well beyond typical standard corporate sustainability objectives. We believe that our working life ideally should be an extension of personal objectives and values, that one should get involved and committed towards improving life in the widest sense of the word.


Finding and assisting in improving opportunities for all: for the capable to reach beyond their current comfort zones and accomplish more, for the less fortunate to help them find the opportunities and the resources to achieve their goals and better standards of life.

We are one of the promoters behind the Fundación Visionair, which has been developing programs and aims to improve issues related to premature births, reconstructing bridges for patients suffering from mental problems with society, improving the situation as to the sexual exploitation of minors, addressing domestic violence, and assisting in making possible programs for the young in general, ranging from food programs to after-hour programs to help them be better prepared and equipped for what is to come.

We are grateful and inspired to be associated with the Fundación and its programs and happy to share our recognition with institutions like the United Nations, UN Women, the European Union, the Uruguayan Ministry of Health, Unicef, the Netherlands Ministry of the Exterior and Embassy, and Clade which has awarded the Fundación Visionair the Gold Citizen award.

We would like to invite and challenge you to join us in our efforts to assist the Fundación, simply contact us and we gladly help coordinate.

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