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Our advise is totally result oriented

We help you achieve your Capital Raising targets and M&A agendas  

We structure and execute customized M&A transactions and financing solutions and advise our clients on all aspects of public and private debt, equity transactions and strategic decision making.

Financing solutions for our clients address a broad range of uses, including buyouts, growth capital, refinancings, construction and bridge financings and project financings. In project development, Ficus Advisory provides guidance on preparation, advice on key decisions and typically manage a panel of different solutions and debt structuring alternatives. Our independence and objectivity, coupled with our direct and long-standing relationships with strategic and institutional investors, our global on-the-ground presence, and the quality of execution, have resulted in many successful and rewarding transactions for our clients.


We believe in a world of doing well by doing good

We will only invest our resources in projects and transactions which will have a positive impact on society at large

We are permanently on the look out for new projects in new markets and sectors that are aiming to create a positive impact on our society and environment.
We aim to assist developers, fund managers and entrepreneurs bring their plans to become reality. Through our global network we are constantly monitoring investment trends and contacting companies and investors to serve their investment interests. 
Our diverse panel of experts aim to connect the dots to accurately predict the trends that will motivate M&A and capital raising agendas of both business owners, project developers, and strategic and financial investors. 

We focus on a Multiple Bottom Line

Environmental, economic, social & emotional return principles are integral to all we do

Nothing gives us more satisfaction than developing projects and executing transactions that result in an improved outcome for all the parties involved. Zero-sum games typically don't motivate us: we believe if there ain't a win for all involved, it is likely not worth our time. And the win should imply a material improvement over the existing situation, in terms of hard and/or soft returns. It will likely imply an improvement in our climate, in better social conditions, in a healthier environment, in more tailored educational aspects, in improved health effects, in a less conflictive and happier state of mind. We are convinced that MBL practices result in significant direct and indirect benefits including the creation of goodwill, enhancing morale, commitment  with clients and community.


We consider ourselves different

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We only engage in transactions and projects where we can create tangible value add


We understand you:

we have worked on both sides of the table 


We bring the power of our entire network to you

We know what we can and can’t deliver. If we are not convinced of a successful outcome, we will tell you straight away. We will always align our success with yours.

FICUS is part of a global community of investors, industry experts, and captains of industry.  You will have access to, and become part of this network we’ve built over 30 years. We are local where you need your local partner.

We have worked as senior company executives, advisors and external consultants in all type of strategic roles and processes. We have been responsible for acquiring assets and companies, for incorporating acquisitions and merging organizations, and divesting businesses. We have developed projects as owners, acted as strategic advisors and as deal structuring agents.

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Challenges drive us to maximize our resources

We expand our view to keep on learning 

We will only work with you if we really appreciate each other.

Although we possess a deep knowledge of many sectors, we are constantly analyzing and studying new developments. We acknowledge the fact that you know your business better than we do and try to build further on your foundations: we will use your insights and complement it with our view in our combined pursuit to enrich and optimize results.
Having worked in challenging markets under highly distressed conditions (like Russia and Argentina during their respective crises), we know that it takes the extra step, a constructive mindset, a tool box of creative solutions and hands-on experience to create tailored solutions to your business and projects. 
This is motivated by our experience, neuroscience confirms the rationale of this. This might seem egoistic, but it ain’t: it is purely practical. The strength of our relationship will define our probability of success. We will be tested, get through complex negotiations together,  need to blindly trust each other, align our interests, read each other’s minds and doing this right, we will be celebrating successful transaction closings together! 
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